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Emotional Freedom Technique or 'Tapping' is a teachable therapy that works on the body's energy system combining Eastern and Western psychology.  My role is to support you through the process, helping you to release blockages, shift limiting beliefs and discharge emotional memories.

“The doctor of the future will be oneself.”

― Albert Schweitzer


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'The best things about EFT for me are that it's very effective in tapping into unknown emotions/sources of trauma, it can be very private (I can work through it in my head if I'm not comfortable sharing) and the process is immediately gratifying - whether that's uncovering traumas or working through them, I can see the process working in real time.'

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‘Tapping with Phillipa opened me up to myself in a way that I haven't experienced before; she helped guide and ease me into exploring my own dark matter. Her gentle approach and reassuring, yet unassuming, facilitation meant that I felt safe even when dealing with hard memories and thoughts. I trusted - and still do - her to help me navigate myself back to a sense of peace and oneness. Thank you, PhillMoon!’

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‘I had just a couple of sessions of tapping with Phill Moon and I was surprised at the emotional impact. The feeling of releasing a burden lasts long after the session and the technique is simple. Highly recommended.’

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