Who am I?

I have used Emotional Freedom Technique to help me through some tough aspects of my life, and found it such a deeply effective tool that I trained to practice EFT to support others.  It is gently and profoundly rewarding, and the personal work keeps unfolding, which keeps it exciting for me.  We, as humans, are such wonderful multi-layered beings with a great magic that, I think, has been tragically dimmed for a myriad of reasons.  


I think the critical endangerment of authenticity is as threatening to our world as the climate crisis, mass injustice and inequality and other global issues. People who are true to themselves, who have done the work to heal and develop themselves, will take part in our societies with compassion, care, and constructive optimism. My main contribution to our Earth is to support people working to be better, and the best, versions of themselves, just as I continue with myself, so that we are all better for our world.


I make art, too - in fact I’m studying a degree in illustration at the moment - and that’s a powerful tool for a better world as well.  

©2018 by Phill Moon.