Who am I?


I originally used Emotional Freedom Technique to help myself through some tough aspects of my life and found it such a deeply effective tool that I trained in the practice to support others.  EFT is gently and powerfully rewarding, and the personal work keeps unfolding, which is part of what excites me.  


My intention is to contribute to our society by supporting people to be the truest versions of themselves.  We are surrounded by strong ideas and ideals that don't fit every individual and it can be really challenging to feel good about ourselves and remain in our authenticity.  I think that the more happy people we have in our communities the more helpful people we'll have, and thus the higher power toward bettering our world.  I use EFT to support people in empowering themselves, making positive change and being who they truly desire to be.


I make art, too - I’m studying a degree in illustration at the moment - and that’s a powerful tool for a better world as well.