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I have opened a campaign on GoFundMe to assist my training in EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique or 'Tapping'. It's an incredible and profoundly effective healing modality that is used with anything from anxiety and PTSD to weight issues, physical health and financial issues. It's AMAZING and I've done loads on myself, my life has dramatically shifted in ways I can hardly articulate just yet. I'd just live to share this with the world, it's a tool that can be shared with people to use in their daily lives as well as holding sessions to support people through challenges situations and times.

EFT can dramatically shift perception.

It's a big thing to open up and to ask for help, I feel vulnerable and I respect everyone who has used this wonderful platform for any cause. Some causes are bigger, some are more urgent and some are so blatantly deserving it can be difficult to feel that you have a place up there too. But I am trying to do a good thing, for myself as much as anyone else, and I trust I will honour the support given to me by carrying out this mission with integrity and loving enthusiasm.

I got to this point by having a wonderful world I created fall apart, but this is The Tower, the dark night and The Phoenix. If you don't listen to your Spirit now, when will you? My dream is to make ART that loves and cares for humanity (and friends); I want to run an EFT practice that will evolve with all sorts of therapies, creative tools and missions. Imagine running programs to teach people to process and release their fears, their traumas, their blocks? In session it's holding space for people to face themselves and to heal and to feel safe and supported while doing so. Imagine the power something like this can hold for children - I mention picture tapping in my appeal - and people who cannot directly communicate cognitively have just as much access to this modality as anybody, it can have WOW results - especially in collective settings. Energy is all around us and it simply can be harnessed through myriad ways to create deep and lasting shifts for the better. An amazing, loving and hope-filled world is so achievable, NOW, and here is one way of contributing to that.

I learn from many different people, as well as working with my own intuition, but most of the material I use comes from the Ortner family of The Tapping Solution (Hay House): and Brad Yates is an awesome dude, I love to grab a quick 'tonic' from his youtube channel:

In case you missed it, my GoFundMe link is

I am in much gratitude for all this excitement, I hope it works, and I TRUST the right thing is happening.

We can only try.

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